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How to compile ScummVM with latest MinGW32CE and SDL
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Sunday, 05 July 2009
So, obviously you came here to give your CPU(s) and HDD(s) something to do for the next few hours (and don't forget all the gigabytes for all the sources) :)


In the following I assume you have created a directory in your homedir where all of the sources will be located. If not, do the following:
mkdir ~/wmports && cd ~/wmports
Additionally, you should download some scripts and put them into your path to make "configure" and "make" easier with the MinGW32CE toolchain.
mkdir scripts && cd scripts
wget http://pocketinsanity.org/patches/scripts/cross-configure-mingw32ce.sh
wget http://pocketinsanity.org/patches/scripts/cross-make-mingw32ce.sh
chmod +x *.sh && export PATH=$PATH:~/wmports/scripts
The parts with light-blue background have to be executed as your normal user, where the parts with light-red background have to be executed as root (invoked with "su", NOT "su -" to prevent switching to the root homedir and environment)

Please note:
  • For compiling under Cygwin, you NEED to omit all lines with "su" or "exit"
  • This may have to be "sudo bash" in some OSes or distros which do not allow root login by default (Mac OSX or Ubuntu for example).

Read more here
OpenJazz ported to PocketPC
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Sunday, 14 May 2006
I've managed to port OpenJazz, a "free, open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit™ game"
from Alister Thomson to the PocketPC Platform.
This is just a 1:1 port, I've only merged S3M sound code from the GP2X port.

This is especially dedicated to my girlfriend, who loves to play the
original Jazz Jackrabbit on my old Pentium 90.

You can find more details and screenshots about this port here.
New version of PocketUAE with configurable buttons
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Saturday, 21 January 2006
May I introduce the long awaited updated version of PocketUAE?

Changes in new release (20060121):
  • Added configurable buttons support
    (also in PocketUAE Launcher)
  • Added option to switch between GAPI and DIB video driver
  • Re-added windowed mode for Handheld PCs
    (only usable with DIB video driver)
  • Added option to rotate screen left or right
    (for lefthanded people)
  • Added option to toggle debugoutput
    (writes to stdout.txt and stderr.txt, useful
    to track down start-up problems)
  • Fixed a bug in the sound output driver
    (after fixing this bug PocketUAE runs much
    faster here and without sound problems for most games;
    sometimes even with a frameskip of 2 & CPU/Chip ratio of 7!
    Try to select to smallest 'Max. Sound Buffer' value [2048] and
    a frequency of 11,025 Hz; if you get hickups in the sound enlarge
    your buffer a bit and try again.)

Known problems:
  • On-screen keyboard is not available when running
    under the DIB video driver
  • Keyboard drawing problem when using lefthanded mode
    and GAPI video driver (keyboard is on the top of the screen
    and rotated)

Download the new version here.
Finally completed the Wolf3D port
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Saturday, 10 December 2005
I've finally completed the Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny ports.

Changes in new release (v1.0, 20051209):
  • Added sound and music
    (with 3D sound fx)
  • Lefthanded support
  • On-screen skinnable toolbar
  • Load and save game works now
  • Customizable buttons
  • Stylus freelook support (horizontal)
  • Saves your customized configuration
  • Cleaned up main menu
  • Nice new icon(s)
  • GAPI (accelarated) and NOGAPI (unaccelarated) support
    (specify "nogapi" on the command line/shortcut to use unaccelarated mode)
  • No need to rename data files any more
  • Works on Windows Mobile 2003 (WM2003) & Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (WM2003SE)
  • Should support VGA (640x480) and WM5 devices

Special thanks to d3m0n for his extensive beta testing

Check out the new version here.
As always, if you like these ports, don't forget to donate (and thanks to all people who already donated!).

Oh, I almost forgot:
I additionally added some nice "teaser" graphics to the seperate game pages. Just eye-candy. ;)
New site design online
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Sunday, 23 October 2005
I've updated the site with a new design and some other features:

  • seperate and cleaner screenshot areas for all subprojects
  • possibility to add a brief compatibility report for all subprojects (manufacturer, model & comments)
  • a central download area
  • searchable news
  • voting system

Additionally, I plan to create a FAQ area for each subproject soon.
PocketUAE with on-screen keyboard
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Monday, 26 September 2005
We're still alive!
A new version has just been released. It now has on-screen keyboard support for 240x320 devices (thanks to n0p, I recycled some of his keyboard code from DosBox) with nice selfmade graphics (see the screenshots page); I also added a nice icon to the executable. This version should also run a bit faster on XScale-devices due to a specially XScale optimized build of SDL and of course it runs on WM2003SE.
Unfortunaletely, this version does not support the windowed mode (we will put this back in!) and according to Poopi it won't run in QVGA mode on 480x640 devices (this will be put back in, too). However, it runs in native mode on these hires-devices but the on-screen keyboard is not usable here (garbled screen, this will also be fixed).
The new version of PocketUAE (also includes the latest version of Munk's very nice PocketUAE Launcher) is available for download on the PocketUAE page.
Please post your comments to the forum!
PocketUAE News
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Monday, 28 February 2005
For the people who don't check the forums regularly, here are some nice news:
Poopi has joined the team. He also made (even more important) a patch so that PocketUAE now runs on WM2003 SE and PPC2002 (at least on iPAQ 3850).
Additionally Munk has made a program called PocketUAE Launcher which makes it alot easier to configure and run PocketUAE.
The new version of PocketUAE (Poopi's version) with Munk's PocketUAE Launcher is available for download on the PocketUAE page.
Have fun!
PocketUAE screenshots added
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Sunday, 01 August 2004
Added some new screenshots and made a seperate page for them.
Check them out here.
PocketUAE public beta is available for download
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Thursday, 22 July 2004
Recently added the PocketUAE public beta download, as promised.
Please carefully read the infos about this beta on the PocketUAE page.
PocketUAE screenshots added
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Monday, 19 July 2004
Added some screenshots of Alien Breed 3D & Deluxe Paint IV.
Check them out here.
XRick Updated
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Friday, 16 July 2004
Added support for iPAQ 221x and Dell Axims (hopefully).
Downloads added
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Tuesday, 13 July 2004
Finally added the FreeSCI download. Get it while it's hot!
First donation received!
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Monday, 12 July 2004
Today, I received the first donation.
A big "Thank you!" goes to the guys from pocketeer.tk for this!
Downloads added
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Saturday, 10 July 2004
Added XRick downloads.
Downloads added
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Saturday, 10 July 2004
Added Wolf3D downloads.
Projects added
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Friday, 09 July 2004
Added the FreeSCI, Wolf3D, XRick & UAE Projects.
First version of the site created
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Friday, 09 July 2004
Just uploaded the first version of the site.

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