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This is just another port, again to get used to the toolchain I'm using.

BTW, this is the perfect game to play while waiting for PocketUAE :)

I used XRick as a base.

Apart from adding hardware key support, I actually did not do much.

There are two binaries, one for the CGA tileset (oldschool pc-style) and one for the Atari ST tileset.

Just uploaded an updated version of XRick.

New features are:
  • Added support for iPAQ 221x Users (this device has no record button, where fire was mapped).
    Now you can also use either the mail button or a simple screentap for fire. Please report in the forums if this works for you.
  • Added support for Dell Axim Users (hopefully).
    Tried to map the Dell's record button to fire, please report in the forums if this works for you.

As this is new, and I have only tested this on an iPAQ 5550, i'd like to know on which devices it runs/runs not.
Please report this and any suggestions or bugs to the XRick for PocketPC forum here.

Download XRick for PocketPC now

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