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OpenJazz for PocketPC
This is a port of OpenJazz, a "free, open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit™ game" from Alister Thomson. I just merged some S3M music code and tips for springs/jumping from puck2099 and his GP2X port. I also added a setup program to map hardware buttons and to set the screen orientation of the game.

This port is especially dedicated to my girlfriend, who loves to play Jazz Jackrabbit on my old Pentium 90 machine.

I would also like to thank Osman Gürcüoglu for letting me use his PocketPC to hunt some bugs on hi-res devices.

Please note that the version of OpenJazz this port is based on is still pre-alpha and has some bugs. So, before reporting a bug please check the original OpenJazz FAQ here and if this bug also appears in the desktop version of OpenJazz available here.
If the bug doesn't appear there too, you're welcome to blame me ;)

As this is new, i'd like to know on which devices it runs/runs not.
Please report this and any suggestions or PocketPC related bugs to the OpenJazz for PocketPC forum here.

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