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This is maybe the most anticipated port of emulators to PocketPC.
I used UAE as a base, but I think the next version will be based on Experimental UAE.

I think I don't have to say too much, everybody knows Amiga :).

Here are some of the supported features:
  • support for up to 4 Floppy Drives
  • 68000/010/020/040 CPU, optionally a 68881 FPU
  • OCS, ECS and AGA Graphics Chipset (including sprite-playfield collisions)
  • Up to 2MB Chip RAM and up to 8MB Fast RAM, or 8MB Chip RAM without Fast RAM
  • Up to 64MB Zorro III Fast RAM, independent of Chip RAM setting (68020+ only)
  • Up to 1MB Slow RAM, for extended compatibility with problem software
  • A hard-disk: either a harddisk image file or part of the native filesystem
  • Mouse and Joystick support (Stylus and D-Pad on PocketPC)
  • On-Screen Keyboard on QVGA devices

New release of PocketUAE! This version brings the long awaited support for configurable buttons (finally). You also have the option now to choose between 2 different graphic drivers (GAPI/DIB). With the DIB driver you may run PocketUAE in windowed mode again. Additionally, a mode for lefthanded people was added. Another option, which may be useful for a lot of people which have start-up problems, is 'debugoutput'. With this option enabled, PocketUAE logs its output to two files 'stdout.txt' & 'stderr.txt'. Finally I tracked down a bug in the sound output driver which slowed PocketUAE down alot. With this bug fixed PocketUAE runs much faster here and without sound problems for most games; sometimes even with a frameskip of 2 & CPU/Chip ratio of 7! Try to select to smallest 'Max. Sound Buffer' value [2048] and a frequency of 11,025 Hz; if you get hickups in the sound enlarge your buffer a bit and try again.
As always, the downloadable package includes the latest version of Munk's PocketUAE Launcher (which of course supports all the new options like button setting, etc.)
However, there some things left to do:
On-screen keyboard is not available when running under the DIB video driver
Keyboard drawing problem when using lefthanded mode and GAPI video driver (keyboard is on the top of the screen and rotated)
Comments? Please visit the forum!

A new version has just been released. It now has on-screen keyboard support for 240x320 devices (thanks to n0p, I recycled some of his keyboard code from DosBox) with nice selfmade graphics (see the screenshots page); I also added a nice icon to the executable. This version should also run a bit faster on XScale-devices due to a specially XScale optimized build of SDL and of course it runs on WM2003SE.
Unfortunaletely, this version does not support the windowed mode (we will put this back in!) and according to Poopi it won't run in QVGA mode on 480x640 devices (this will be put back in, too). However, it runs in native mode on these hires-devices but the on-screen keyboard is not usable here (garbled screen, this will also be fixed).
The new version of PocketUAE (also includes the latest version of Munk's very nice PocketUAE Launcher) is available for download at the bottom of the page.
Please post your comments to the forum!

Thanks to Poopi we now have a version running on WM2003 SE devices.
It is also said that this version runs on PPC2002 (at least on iPAQ 3850).
Additionally, thanks to Munk's PocketUAE Launcher it is also much easier now to load disk-images and to try out different configurations. The new version (including Munk's PocketUAE Launcher) is available for download at the bottom of the page.

Added some new screenshots and made a seperate page for screenshots.

PocketUAE public beta is available for download!

I added some screenshots, I thought you may want to know that these work, too...

First, edit the file '.uaerc'. This file has comments, so this should be easy.
After copying all roms, disk images, etc. and the configfile '.uaerc' to the device, just start 'uae.exe'. The keymapping on an iPAQ 5550 is the following (36xx, 37xx, 38xx, 54xx should be the same)
  • Leftmost button (Calender Key): Left mouse button
  • 2nd button from left (Contacts Key): Right mouse button
  • 3nd button from left (Mail Key): Exit PocketUAE
  • Rightmost button (Swoosh Key): not (yet) used
  • Record button (as well as volume keys): Joystick Fire
  • D-Pad up/down/left/right: Joystick up/down/left/right

KNOWN ISSUES (Please do not report these as bugs, I already know about them):
  • No GUI yet (this means you can't change the diskimages while PocketUAE is running)
  • No on-screen keyboard for 480x640 devices yet
  • No windowed mode (at this time, this will come back)
  • Sound plays not perfectly (better on some games, worse on others, I'm working on this!)
  • You must have a lot of free memory. If you get 'Could not load gx.dll' on startup, try to close as much programs as you can, disabling today-screen plugins may help, too!

Please do not forget to donate (the button is at the bottom of the page) if you find this useful or want to see further development of this emulator. Thanks!

Screenshots have been moved to a seperate page.
Click here to see the screenshots.

Please report any suggestions or bugs to the PocketUAE forum here.

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