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Wolf3D for PocketPC
I started this port, because the only currently existing version of Wolfenstein for PocketPC was Dan's port which lacked full version datafile support.

So I started my own port. This version is capable of playing Wolf3D Shareware, Wolf3D Full (6 Episodes), Spear of Destiny Demo & Spear of Destiny Full.

This port was at first intented to be only used by me, to get used to porting to the PocketPC platform. However, below are the downloads of the current version so that you guys have some fun, too. :)

Changes in new release (v1.0, 20051209):
+ Added sound and music
   (with 3D sound fx)
+ Lefthanded support
+ On-screen skinnable toolbar
+ Load and save game works now
+ Customizable buttons
+ Stylus freelook support (horizontal)
+ Saves your customized configuration
+ Cleaned up main menu
+ Nice new icon(s)
+ GAPI (accelarated) and NOGAPI (unaccelarated) support
   (specify "nogapi" on the command line/shortcut to use unaccelarated mode)
+ No need to rename data files any more
+ Works on Windows Mobile 2003 (WM2003) & Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (WM2003SE)
+ Should support VGA (640x480) and WM5 devices

Special thanks to d3m0n for his extensive beta testing

How to use:
Wolfenstein 3D Shareware & Spear of Destiny Demo:
Just install and play

Wolfenstein 3D Full & Spear of Destiny Full:
If you own these games, you may install the version which supports
full-version data-files; then just copy your files into the game folder and play.

If you like the Wolfenstein 3D Shareware or the Spear of Destiny Demo,
please consider buying the retail versions here:

Known bugs:
Crashes at the end of the first secret level in Wolfenstein 3D

As this is a new build, and I have only tested this on an iPAQ 5550, Asus A620 & T-Mobile MDA mini, i'd like to know on which devices it runs/runs not; so be sure to submit a compatibility report (see "Compatibility" link on the right side)

Please report any suggestions or bugs to the Wolf3D for PocketPC forum here.

Download Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny for PocketPC now

Please note:
The downloads for Wolfenstein 3D (NOT the 'Shareware') & Spear of Destiny (NOT the 'Demo') do not include the game data files. However, if you happen to own these fine games, you may use the original game's data files for these executables to play the full version of either game.

Also, if you use Wolfenstein 3D Full data files, you may have to replace some of your files with these. This makes sure that your data files are version 1.4.

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