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New version of PocketUAE with configurable buttons
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Saturday, 21 January 2006
May I introduce the long awaited updated version of PocketUAE?

Changes in new release (20060121):
  • Added configurable buttons support
    (also in PocketUAE Launcher)
  • Added option to switch between GAPI and DIB video driver
  • Re-added windowed mode for Handheld PCs
    (only usable with DIB video driver)
  • Added option to rotate screen left or right
    (for lefthanded people)
  • Added option to toggle debugoutput
    (writes to stdout.txt and stderr.txt, useful
    to track down start-up problems)
  • Fixed a bug in the sound output driver
    (after fixing this bug PocketUAE runs much
    faster here and without sound problems for most games;
    sometimes even with a frameskip of 2 & CPU/Chip ratio of 7!
    Try to select to smallest 'Max. Sound Buffer' value [2048] and
    a frequency of 11,025 Hz; if you get hickups in the sound enlarge
    your buffer a bit and try again.)

Known problems:
  • On-screen keyboard is not available when running
    under the DIB video driver
  • Keyboard drawing problem when using lefthanded mode
    and GAPI video driver (keyboard is on the top of the screen
    and rotated)

Download the new version here.

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