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PocketUAE with on-screen keyboard
Written by Ismail Khatib  
Monday, 26 September 2005
We're still alive!
A new version has just been released. It now has on-screen keyboard support for 240x320 devices (thanks to n0p, I recycled some of his keyboard code from DosBox) with nice selfmade graphics (see the screenshots page); I also added a nice icon to the executable. This version should also run a bit faster on XScale-devices due to a specially XScale optimized build of SDL and of course it runs on WM2003SE.
Unfortunaletely, this version does not support the windowed mode (we will put this back in!) and according to Poopi it won't run in QVGA mode on 480x640 devices (this will be put back in, too). However, it runs in native mode on these hires-devices but the on-screen keyboard is not usable here (garbled screen, this will also be fixed).
The new version of PocketUAE (also includes the latest version of Munk's very nice PocketUAE Launcher) is available for download on the PocketUAE page.
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